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Want to Play?

Want to Play?

Issue 6: Want to Play?

Cover art by Anna Jewel Schluterman


8.5" x 11" glossed print magazine featuring work from creatives all over the world. The magazine will be published and shipped in February 2023.


The theme of Junk Dump’s sixth magazine, Want to Play? is a fun breath of fresh air. In this magazine, artists are invited to explore playfulness through artmaking. 
Where and with whom do you play games? How can this be a unifying force? 
What are the aesthetic appeals to games and game playing? What are the methods of both game making and game playing? 
When does a game begin and end? What sides of you does game-playing bring out?
What structures of gaming exist in your life? How can games and playfulness be a means of connecting, developing new ideas, or escaping?

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