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Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Issue 04 available now for preorder!

Cover art by Oona Baron @oonabaron @picturesbyoona

8.5 in x 11 in glossed print magazine featuring work from talented young creatives all over the world.

There is no medical proof that growth causes pain, however cramping of the legs in Preschoolers and Pre-teens has been coined “growing pains.” Although the cause of this pain is likely just overuse of muscles, it seems the appropriate assumption, or at least easy to imagine, that the periods of major growth in children are the cause of this pain. Change is complex, and as with other difficult concepts, titles simplify what we can not, or choose not to, fully understand. But when children no longer experience this specifically named pain, their growth is only beginning; and although the symptoms are just as prevalent, they are not given the relief of a title.


Everyone has experienced or is experiencing changes this year. They may not be the stereotypical milestones such as graduating high school or college, moving, starting a family, but they could be a breakup, getting a new job, or even taking your mask off in public for the first time in over a year. No matter how big or small, all changes come with side effects. What are yours? In this issue we invite artists to explore how growth presents in us, both physically and emotionally, how we name them, and how we cope.

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