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Storage Almost Full

Storage Almost Full

Issue 5: Storage Almost Full: There is not enough available storage on this device. You can manage your storage in settings.

Cover art by Hailey Weber


8.5 in x 11 in glossed print magazine featuring work from talented young creatives all over the world.


We all recognize these notifications. They serve as reminders: You are paying to waste your own time. You are spending too much time here. The time you spend, and the way you spend it is now immortalized.But you stay. Maybe for the constant stream of culture and information, or the uncomfortable truth that logging off means missing out.Still, you want to feel connected to the real world, something tangible.So you buy records, but keep your subscription to spotify. You post a picture of your coffee table book before you even open it. The photos you took on your disposable camera show up in your inbox.In this issue, we are inviting artists working in any medium to share their work. We ask artists to question the idea of storage: analog, digital, and even emotional capacity.We consider what it means to be an artist in this diverging time. What does the analog mean to art and artists? What does the digital mean? What role can art play in the balance between the two?

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